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  • You, as the party planner, can better relax and enjoy the big day too!

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12/16/22  I’ll update my website soon to remove some balloon references, but I want to quickly post this:

I’m devastated that I need to reduce my balloon twisting due to ARTHRITIS pain in all my fingers. My doctor explained that arthritic joints can be compared to tire tread in that the more you drive your car, the more the degradation. I’m afraid if I don’t make a significant change, I’ll regret it years from now. 

For Syberg’s Chesterfield and Pediatric Dentistry, I have switched to simpler balloon animals and added more gags and magic. 

For large events where kids line up, as I make sixty balloons animals per hour, I will pass on those. 

For birthday parties, I’m thinking about doing forty-five minutes max (half-hour max busy weeks) for balloons.

The balloon workshops are still on, and I’ll hire another balloon artist to blow up the eight balloons per student for the workshop. The twisting is not that bad for my arthritis; the worst part is tying the knots.

The above plan is tentative. 

For the large events that have already booked me, I will be there.

I plan to promote my magic shows more and learn more magic tricks, including tricks applicable to restaurant table hopping. 

designcrowd cartoon silly Jilly

Virtual Shows

Make your virtual party a hit! I virtually help kids play together as they laugh at my antics, shout the magic words, and warn me that my phone is a donut. My Zoom show is perfect for birthday parties, holiday parties, church youth groups, best buddies groups, support groups, scout troops, and other organizations. I usually do about five minutes of meet-and-greet and pre-show gags, then a 20-25 minute show full of audience interaction.
$95 for up to 99 families.

Or ask Silly Jilly to make your child or grandchild a six-minute video for them to watch again and again, for example, a happy birthday video. The video will include magic, jokes and balloons mentioning the child by name a few times.
$30 (Or $45 if I don't have a second reason to be in make-up.)

Silly Jilly With Winter Balloons

Balloon Twisting

For small events, how about booking Silly Jilly to twist amazing balloon animals, like pictured above? For large events, I recommend minute balloons, for example, swords, teddy bears, and unicorn wands.
The first half hour is $145, and additional half-hours, $50.
Pricing is for locations within 40 minutes of Webster Groves, Missouri. Most other St. Louis metro locations, $10 or $20 more. For events with more kids than minutes I'm there, $30 large event fee.

Kids laugh like crazy at Silly Jilly the Clown's show.

Magic Shows Full of Belly Laughs

Sitting and laughing at my live magic show is so much fun! Ages three to seven love the show most.
$145 (if within 40 minutes of Webster Groves) ⭐ A few minutes of pre-show gags, ⭐ and a 25 minute laugh-out-loud show.
Add 15 minutes of pre-show meet-and-greet for $25. Add balloon twisting to the show for $50 per half-hour.

Notice there is no “we” on this page.  Book Silly Jilly, and she is who will be at your party, the entertainer with five-star reviews.  Also, if you confirm a few days before your party, be comfortable knowing you have confirmed with the entertainer.


I am vaccinated, including the Omicron booster. 

 If you would like me to take strict Covid precautions, please ask, and I’ll be happy to.

 My old website is disorganized but still accurate and has more details. http://sillyjillytheclown.homestead.com/SillyJillytheClown.html.


I’m not getting into balloon decor but recommend you hire one of my colleagues who specializes in balloon deliveries, including balloon bouquets and yard art. The below five businesses are excellent at large sculptures and dependable.

⭐️  Donna “Spunkybeans,” St. Peters, 636-399-7274,
⭐️  Brian Styles, St. Charles County, 636-734-2083,
https://www.facebook.com/bookmagicnow/ He made the below yard arch.
⭐️  Troy and Diane, St. Louis City and Affton,
⭐️ Thad “Sammy J” James, Arnold, 636-349-6649 sammyjballoons.com 
⭐️ Diane “Balloonatic RN” Cross, Metro East, 618-410-9380 https://www.facebook.com/groups/2299693023645175/


You may take photos and videos of my performance, and please share them with friends or the public. Fine with Silly Jilly if you do whatever you want with the photos or videos. When taking photos, remember to stand behind or to the side of Silly Jilly too, and get photos of the party guests’ reactions.

Visit Silly Jilly the plain-clothes balloon artist at Syberg’s in Chesterfield Valley, on Tuesdays, 5:30 to 8:30, for a free small balloon animal and a magic trick or gag.  

Bring the kids to meet Silly Jilly the Clown at Eckert’s Belleville, alternating September and October weekends and egg hunt weekend.

Once a month I make balloon animals at Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills.

I will travel almost anywhere.  For example, I have performed at several Columbia, MO events, the Ste.  Genevieve county fair, a company party in Branson, a nursing home in Anna, IL, and birthday parties in Greenville, IL, Carlyle, IL, and Gerald, MO.  Call or e-mail for pricing.  But for parties located about two hours from Webster Groves (Cape Girardeau, Hannibal, and Springfield, IL), it is Silly Jilly’s regular price ($195 for the first hour, $100 each additional hour) plus a usual travel fee of $80 for a typical weekday and $120 for a typical weekend day with a two-hour minimum, and for every half-hour past two hours, $10 discount.

I even make my amazing balloon animals and hats at adult events, for example, 40th birthday parties and nursing homes.
Ages three to seven especially love my gags and magic show. If you would like me to do my show at an eight, nine, or ten-year-old birthday party, I’ll make my show a little shorter and will still be a success as long as almost all the kids are ten and younger.
I don’t worry about impressing parents with my magic, figuring nothing will be more magical for the parents than the enjoyment I provide the children at the party.

The St. Louis magic club awarded me second place in their 2021 competition.

You can either pay me (Venmo @Jill-ColquhounSchmidt, check to Jill Schmidt, or cash) or donate my fee to my Charity:Water fundraiser.  If I don’t mention it to you, please let me know you would like to do the donation.

Clients of my colleagues are sometimes required to sign a multi-page contract with a list of rules such as “No videotaping,” and “No food served during the show,” and “No canceling.” I do not make you sign a contract. Also, your adult party guests may talk as much as they want during Silly Jilly’s show. I’ll bring a pa system so the kids can hear.
The only rule I have is for events with over approximately 100 kids, and that is to help to end my balloon line.
I’ll usually send a confirmation letter or text reiterating my end of our discussion.


At events with over 100 kids, I keep my line moving fast by displaying a list of about fifteen quick choices. Examples include swords, unicorn wands, flower bracelets, teddy bears, and dinosaurs. For proof of my 60 balloons per hour speed, click https://youtu.be/zeufqGhRlCU. I’ll be talking with the kids and looking at them as I twist, and when less than six kids in line, occasionally doing gags like “accidentally” letting the balloon go. The little kids think that is hilarious.

It’s not about me showing off how fancy I can make the sculptures. It’s about keeping the line happy and increasing the number of kids who meet a clown. 

However, if you prefer, I can do the fancy balloons, for example, Tweety Bird in a cage, and the seventeenth kid will wait about an hour. 

“You did such a great job today. You are amazing!!”


The one balloon a minute speed is only for large events with kids in a line. For birthday parties and similar-sized parties, the same sculptures will take about 1.5 minutes per child, for example, 20 kids equals 30 minutes.


I charge $145 for the first half-hour and $50 for each additional half-hour for events located within a 40-minute drive from Webster Groves. Other metro locations are usually just $10 or $20 more, sometimes waved for multi hour bookings.

Events a two-hour drive from St. Louis are approximately $120 more on weekends and $80 more on weekdays with a two-hour minimum.

Events with more kids than minutes I’m there, $30 large event fee if I am making balloon animals.

Events on weekdays and in plain-clothes, $30 discount.


· I’m not available February 2 – 6, February 21 – March 6, May 3 – 11, June 8 – 12, and August 14 – 30.

If your party is on one of the days I am booked, let me know if you would like information on other good children’s entertainers.  E-mail Jill@SillyJilly.com or text 314-868-8597.

This segment was written January 29, 2023.


📚 Dear Librarians,
Children (especially ages three to eight) will love laughing their heads off with Silly Jilly the Clown at your summer reading program or other program. 
🪄 $170, Twenty-Five Minute Magic Show Full of Belly-Laughs, Posing for Photos or Answering Questions After the Show, and Pre-Show Meet-and-Greet and Gags
🪄 $195, Above, But Magic Show Is Thirty-Five Minutes, and After the Show, All Audience Members Get to Do My Show Faniale of Sitting on My Custom Made Five-Feet Wide Whoopee Cushion
🪄🎈 Additional $50 Plus $3 Per Expected Child, Add to the Above a Balloon Animal Workshop Where the Kids Learn How to Make at Least Three Balloon Sculptures and Take Home Their Creations.
🎈$170 Plus $3 Per Child, Balloon Workshop, Pre-Workshop Meet-and-Greet, No Show
Pricing is for locations within a 40-minute drive of Webster Groves. Contact me for pricing for other locations.